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SAT score..

Posted on 2008.05.23 at 19:04
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Hellz. It's not perfect.

Critical Reading-- 570 ---71%Percentile
Mathematics-- 550 ---61%Percentile
Writing-- 610 ---84%Percentile

Essay-- 8 ---(better than a 2! // Out of 12)

All section scores out of 800.
Highest possible score 2400.


Is art for everyone?

Posted on 2008.03.02 at 08:29
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I have been a member on Deviantart since 2004. I have had an interest in art and in drawing ever since.. hmm.. I'd say.. the fifth grade. It started off with cute little bunny things and funky-looking hedgehogs. It went to dragons, and then to chibi/anime and continued to grow until it finally reached what it is today.

I used to be very self-conscious of my art. (Even moreso around people who could actually draw fairly well.. i.e. Ren). I never used to like showing my drawings to people.

I was pretty sheltered from the other kids at school. They didn't know much about me, and I didn't really feel too connected with them. If they were interested in my drawings, or wanted me to draw something for them, I would feel a lot of pressure. Like they were judging me based on my pictures.

Plus, my drawings were my little escape. My own little world. And for someone else to see that.. and judge it.. well.. the idea just made my heart sink. I didn't want to be rejected.

I often thought about giving up drawing. I asked my teacher, once, if I should. That was also in the fifth grade (lolz. I was such a serious kid). And she told me that, if I enjoyed it and it was my thing, to stick with it.

I often became frustrated with my style. It was too chibi for me. It was flat; it had no perspective. It was too happy and it wasn't deep. It bothered me back then and it still irks me.

It is still flat, I cannot draw in perspective, and I often have trouble drawing more than one character in one picture. (One's head is often much larger than the others' :D)

But this is not a rant about my style. This is about other people.

A friend of mine on DA, often has those same feelings about his drawings. Like me, he is probably not patient with his work (I cannot stand the idea of working on a picture in photoshop for 6+ hours). Like me, he probably feels judged, personally, when his works are. He doesn't know if he should continue with drawing.

And I want him to know that.. he should.

Art is about style- your own style. Everyone has a different one. Everyone has something fresh and new to contribute to the world of art.

Art, no matter how simple, can have a message. Our own styles embody our own selves. We might not have the style we want. At this moment, we may not have full mastery of our own styles.. But our art, our style, is always improving.

It can only get better from here.

Art is not about being the best. There is no best. The best artists are the ones that stick with their style strengths and work out their kinks. The best artists are masters of their own styles.

Not everyone will be a Da Vinci. Maybe not everyone wants to be. I would love to be able to draw humans. To draw realistically. To draw things in-perspective. At this moment, I cannot. But I can work on it.

Art is quirky and it is subjective. Art is beautiful and magical.

Art is for everyone. No matter how simple, how deep, how chibi, how mastered, or how realistic. Embrace it.

[No spell checkz.]

I will go look for old pictures of my style. I will get a timeline of my art and show how my style has (and hasn't) changed. I will post the pictures somewhere. And I will make it available here. My scanner takes a while, though. So it won't be up for some time. But it will be here. I will show you.


Yoiya naze ni mugen to bihai- Paprika Soundtrack

Posted on 2008.02.04 at 17:16
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Current Music: Paprika Soundtrack
Beautiful movie. Beautiful soundtrack. Sample..

Full Versions...

- - -

Song 1

Song 2

Song number two isn't my favorite. I like the first and last ones best. Still.. I can't stand how much I love it.

I hope it posts the whole song.


Fxxxed up

Titanic- Southampton

Posted on 2008.01.21 at 08:37
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Fake Nails

Dr. Seuss..

Posted on 2007.12.31 at 08:07
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I mean. He re-wrote the pages in his books hundreds of times. Drew and re-drew pictures. Children's books are something that.. You can just over-look, you know? But Dr.Seuss.. was really deep. He put a lot of effort into his books. And a lot of messages.

I cannot believe he died the same year I was born. In September, too. ...Damn. That depresses the hell out of me.

..But there are so many things I just.. never knew about him!!
I can't believe it! He was amazing.. ♥

... And.. He looks REALLY good with a beard.
WOAH. And he was born in Massachusetts!? Holy..

I caught the end of that documentary last night.
Man. Dr. Seuss. Oh my god. I think I love him.

The Lorax hits me right in the heart. ♥

But now, says the Once-ler,
Now that you're here,
the word of the Lorax seems perfectly clear.
UNLESS someone like you
cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better.
It's not.

- - - -

"We can and we've got to...Do better than this"
- Theodor Geisel

- - - -

Happy New Year! :3



Also! Random stuff I saw on Yahoo!News..

Spoiled Milk in MA

Steve Irwin's Family fights for Whales!

Milk/Egg Allergies ATTACK!


RIP Leaf

No Matter What Happens

Posted on 2007.12.07 at 17:27
I remember a time when each day was long,
When the world was a playground and my life a song,
And I fluttered through years with barely a care,
Ignoring the future and what waited there.

School was intriguing and filled with delights.
I played away daytimes and dreamed away nights.
My parents assured me I had nothing to fear,
And that no matter what happened, they'd always be there.

Little I knew of a world outside home,
Where tragedy, sorrow, and murder could roam.
All I saw were blue skies, rainbows and stars.
I looked past destruction of building and cars.

As a child, my biggest concern was just me;
I had to be happy, I had to be free.
And if I was content, I would not shed a tear,
And no matter what happened, I still would be here.

But as I grow up, darkness starts to set in;
My bright world has turned into concrete and tin.
I now see the violence I looked past before;
My friends start to die and my heart hits the floor.

Deadly diseases claim the people I love,
There are landfills below me, pollution above.
I often think back to when life was a game.
But no matter what happens, it can't be the same.

There are days when I just want to break down and howl,
To give up completely, to throw in the towel,
But I hold my head high and I push my way through.
I have too much to give and so much to do.

And I make a vow that, though it'll be hard,
I'll go on with a smile and play every card.
I'll give all I can, help others and love.
No matter what happens, life will bloom again,
And the strength I don't have will come from above.

So come, take my hand, and through darkness we will sail---
If we all join together, we never can fail.
We'll remember to care, remember to feel,
And no matter what happens, our world we will heal.

-Alison Mary Forbes

I promise.



Where the Rainbow Ends

Posted on 2007.02.05 at 12:17
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Current Music: Dead!
Where the Rainbow ends..
There's going to be a place brother,
Where the world can sing all sorts of songs,
And we're going to sing together, brother,
You and I,
Though you're white and I'm not.

It's going to be a sad song, brother,
'Cause we don't know the tune,
And it's a difficult tune to learn,
But we can learn it, brother,
You and I.

There's no such tune as a Black tune
There's no such tune as a White tune
There's only music, brother,
Ans it's music we're going to sing
Where the Rainbow ends.

(c)Richard Rive (1955)